Rilès at Electric Brixton,

Sunday 8th December, 2019

Lil Bonhomme / December 9th, 2019

Photo: Lil Bonhomme

Last night, Rilès welcomed his fans in his energy-driven jungle, at Electric Brixton, London.


Following the success of his first album – Welcome to the Jungle – which was released last August, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter has forged his ascent to fame in multiple countries, and has truly made a name for himself in the rap industry.

His Tiger Tour started on November 6th, and last night it was Brixton’s turn to vibrate to Rilès’ Algerian-like melodies. And it was with a lot of excitement and curiosity that I attended this long-awaited concert.

Bang on 9pm, the singer’s mythical hourglass appeared on a big screen, informing us we only had a few seconds left before the king of the jungle would make his big entrance. In an instant, the tall, muscly, curly-haired silhouette took to the stage, kickstarting the show with the gospel-like 'Admiration'.

Are you ready to enter the f*cking jungle, London?” Rilès asked after welcoming his six choreographers by his side. The crowd made sure to scream as loudly as possible, as well as salute the artist.

No Tears’ was the second track on his set-list, opting for a darker décor but still making sure everyone’s up and dancing, as if he was preparing us for what was to come. Because yeah, the energy was there, and Rilès was brimming over with an infectious passion, but I don’t think anyone was expecting such a huge and remarkable show.

The mosh pits took place during ‘Against the Clock’, which added to the adrenalin that was already running high. That track turned out to be one of the most remarkable ones of the night. The artist then carried on with ‘Pesetas’, making sure to keep everyone warm and ready to jump.

That’s actually what he said after performing his all-time favourite ‘In the Jungle’: “We’ve done quite a bit of cardio, London, I want my shows to be like a gym session.”Energy, energy, energy. That’s all he was asking for, and that’s all he transmitted to his audience, and wow, it was definitely worth seeing!

E a Verdade’ gave me the chance to catch my breath before heading straight back to the mosh pits for ‘Myself N the Sea’, during which Rilès decided to jump in this human sea, only adding to the euphoria of the public.

While the end of the gig was near, I couldn’t help but notice how incredible and talented he was. He’s a true king. King of his jungle, king of his art, and king of his music. And if there is one thing that really stood out from this show, it was his passion for what he does. The satisfaction of seeing such a great concert unfold, with impressive choreographies, a few freestyles here and there, on-point vocals, and a highly-admirative audience, was just amazing.

I Do It’ closed the show an hour and a half later, and it is fair to say that Rilès left the room like a veritable king of the jungle.


In a nutshell, it was a very impressive, aesthetically and vocally-pleasing performance. The young artist has impeccable skills when it comes to interacting with his fans as well as delivering unforgettable shows. And we can be sure this won’t be the last time he comes to London.




No Tears

U Better Listen (My Own)

Should I

Old Dayz


Against the Clock


!I'll Be Back!

Are You a Star?

I Love You

In the Jungle

E a Verdade

Me Falling



Myself N the Sea


Thank God




I Do It