Isaac Delusion talk about their

third album to date – Uplifters

Lil Bonhomme / December 16th, 2019

Photo: Rene Habermacher

Following the release of their third album, Uplifters, Isaac Delusion had a little chat with Cadence to tell us more about their latest bundle of joy.


Released on November 8th, Uplifters has proven to be yet again a pop album like we’ve never heard before. Their music has been described as “pop you don’t make anymore”, yet with them it works. Even though they sound like pure brit pop, there is still that French touch to their music. Perhaps it’s the French lilt, or that neat synth vibe, or just their general sound.

We thought we’d have a little chat with the duo to find out more about their latest release. But first things first, for those of you who have never heard of Isaac Delusion, this electro-pop duo is made-up of two Parisian lads: Loïc and Jules. Going back to the end of the year 2010 when they started out, they have since then released three albums to date.


Last month saw them release their third one, containing eleven spontaneously-written yet cleverly-crafted songs, that are different but sound somehow familiar. All they’ve done is find their way back to their roots on this electro-pop journey. And it all falls into place perfectly, following a distinctive previous album – Rust & Gold.

Speaking about the latest one, Loïc remembers how it all went terribly wrong when their hard drive containing all their original tracks died. “We’d originally started recording something completely different,” the singer explains. “But when we lost all our recordings, it was the opportunity for us to start again somehow.” To that, Jules adds: “Uplifters is a turning point for us. We’ve left some stuff aside and gone back to our initial sound, but it sounds completely different to what we’ve done so far.

Although they would’ve liked to have had maybe one or two artists feature on their album, Isaac Delusion are still hopeful for some collaborations in the future: “This album has been written inside four walls, and no one else except our close team has contributed to it,” states Loïc. “Thinking about our next albums though, we’d like to expand and record some songs with international artists.

As our conversation went on, I brought up a topic artists usually enjoy speaking about: influences. It turns out they haven’t got anyone in particular who has influenced them when it comes to their catchy melodies and voluptuous vocals: “We’ve got various and very different influences, from all over the world,” explains Jules. “We listen to a lot of Phoenix, who are from France, and Radiohead. We consider ourselves as pop, especially British pop, but we don’t actually have one particular artist who has influenced us from that music scene.

We spoke and laughed about different aspects of their career, but what I really wanted to know, was how Isaac Delusion started and developed into something bigger. They have gone from being a simple duo to having more musicians around them and accompanying them throughout their journey. And I wasn’t disappointed when they both told me about that one night that meant they had already ticked off one of the boxes on their list of goals to achieve, without even noticing it.

We had a gig in a small apartment one night in 2011,” starts Jules, “and someone from Radio Nova was there, but we didn’t know that. Next thing we know, this guy is playing our song on [Radio] Nova, and we’d achieved our biggest goal ever without even realising it. It was mad to hear our song on one of our favourite radio stations, when from our point of view, we’d barely even started reaching out to people to try and make a name for ourselves.

Before speaking to the guys about their latest release, I was thinking of words to describe it. Pop, spellbinding and uplifting were some of the few that came to my mind. But when I asked Loïc and Jules if they could describe it in one word, their answers were quite frankly perfect. Indeed, this album paints a picture made of “pastel” colours and out-of-this-world songs yet holding a certain gravity inside it all, meanwhile still keeping the “sparkling” energy of their duo.

The duo is set to go on tour in 2020, during which they will be stopping at Omeara London on February 25th. This won’t be the first time they will perform in the UK as they’d already done a few shows here back in 2014. Nonetheless, Jules was very pleased to tell me how excited he was about coming to London, and hopefully conquer the hearts and ears of pop-lovers over here.

For those of you who don’t know Isaac Delusion yet, make sure you check them out. They sound incredibly British yet with a very French-feel to them. Perfect for anyone who’s in need of a bit of cheering up and a lift during the gloomiest days of winter.