Introducing DTF – PNL’s protégés following the steps of QLF

Lil Bonhomme / October 11th, 2019

Photo: HipHopSpirit

After a little more than two years of absence, rap duo DTF are finally back with their album On Ira Où? Mixing their urban and rough social backgrounds with chilled and nightclub-like vibes, putting together an introspection and raw tribute to their roots and past life. But who are these two lads who are always linked to PNL yet create a different vibe altogether?


Originally from Paris’ suburb Ivry-sur-Seine (94) and more precisely from a district called Gagarine, friends Rti and Rkm have produced an album entirely about their childhood memories, life experiences and regrets. Following the demolition of the buildings that saw them grow-up and housed their ascent to fame, DTF wonder where they will go next.

Dans Ta Face [In Your Face] are anything but new in the French rap music scene. Following the praises they got for their previous hits ‘Comme Tu Veux’, ‘DTF’ and ‘Les Princes’, the duo have gone from strength to strength introducing their urban-pop-feel and only settling for the very best. But that’s also partially thanks to their mates NOS and Ademo – AKA PNL – who happen to be France’s biggest rap success at the moment.

Earlier this year, PNL took the genre to a whole new level with their pioneering album Deux Frères. Having been friends with Rti and Rkm since a very young age, both duos have mutually helped each other throughout the making of their career. Because that’s what friends – or rather fam – are there for, isn’t it?

Speaking of which, anyone who has heard of PNL or DTF will know about QLF. “Que La Famille” [“Only The Family”] has been part of the PNL phenomenon since the beginning, as well as DTF’s. Indeed, those three letters stand for the record label that only holds two signed artists to date. Any luck in guessing who they might be? Yep, it’s PNL and DTF.

QLF Records is all about who they consider as “the fam”, and it also treasures that heavily-autotuned sound we’ve become so addicted to since both duos have rocked the music scene. Add to that some really raw and rough lyrics and you get the gist.

Autotune has always been considered as a useful tool to change the sound of a couple of notes here and there. However, in DTF’s case it turns out they can’t go two minutes without it, mastering the use of it to perfection. In a recent interview with journalist Mouloud Achour on TV show Clique, the duo explain how they consider autotune as an indispensable tool for their music, while keeping that original and unique feel to it all.

Coming back to On Ira Où? meaning “Where will we go?” in French, one track that paints the perfect picture of what it's all about, is ‘Dans La Ville’ featuring PNL’s NOS. A flawless suburban homage to their beloved Gagarine, explaining what these buildings, walls and rooms meant to them.

This fourth album holds some unravelled truths about their hometown as well as regrets they have to live with every day. While the lyrics are heavy with past memories, the general vibe of this album appears to be quite light and chilled. In all of its seventeen tracks, On Ira Où? might well be the continuity of their journey to the top of French rap, following the paths of their brothers NOS and Ademo.