Heartache and yesteryear’s nostalgia – Cristopher Rose shares his highly personal concept album – Sigmund

Lil Bonhomme / April 30th, 2020

Photo: Cristopher Rose

Anyone who enjoys groovy music from a previous era with a modern feel to it will most certainly adore Cristopher Rose’s new opus entitled Sigmund. Being like an open diary documenting the ups and downs of his past long-term relationship, this concept album clearly depicts that from the moment the artist’s lover left him – the formidable Sigmund was born.

Cristopher Rose is a young Italian singer-songwriter who has been living in London for the past three years. His musical style lies somewhere between a time where Elton John’s 

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was topping the charts, and a contemporary take on soul music, combined with some subtle rock influences. While his earliest works saw him discover his inner-self, Sigmund appears to be the revelation of his alter-ego. Indeed, this concept album takes us through the songwriter’s emotions as seen through Sigmund’s eyes. 

Having been recorded in Milan, the ten-track opus is cleverly woven together with some short interludes during which Cristopher discusses his feelings with his psychologist. Pinpointing a different phase of his love story with each song, this musical whirlwind of memories and revelations kickstarts with the catchy and reggae-like 'Two People'. The Italian’s powerfully soothing vocals complement the fullness of the band accompanying him perfectly, opening this passionate album with a bang. 

The second track 'Sigmund' is a sort of follow-up to the character’s introduction. Letting his jazz influences mix with a slow-tempo and sensual voice, it’s fair to say the artist has found his feet in this flourishing masterpiece from a past generation. Alternating between more heartfelt tracks like 'Tears at the Marriage', piano-led ballads such as 'Song in 3/4 About Her Absence' and upbeat gems like 'Lady Cab' – Sigmund depicts a true rollercoaster of feelings, regrets and doubts. 

The closing 'We’re Not Supermen' was released on April 16th and appears to fit rather well with the current Covid-19 situation. Indeed, this track is all about staying strong, reaching out for help, and a reminder that it’s normal to feel down in the most uncertain of times. 

Cristopher was keen to explain how this particular song has a whole new meaning today: “The catchphrase I used to promote it was #StayStrong. I’m learning now more than ever that this isn’t just something you can say to someone who’s struggling to cope – it’s a key motto in life.” To that, he also explained how 'We’re Not Supermen' marks his last session with his therapist, and thus, the closure that Sigmund needed to start his life over.

Cristopher Rose has found beauty in one of his darkest times, turning this concept album into a vehement repertoire of strong vocals, memorable tracks and grooving melancholia. At twenty-two years old, the Italian masters the skill of turning his emotions into a work of art and explores a new take on yesteryear’s music. Sigmund isn’t just an album – it’s an open book overflowing with great influences and a unique sentimental experience.

Cristopher Rose's Sigmund is available on all streaming platforms.